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Check in/out items and keep information up-to-date by empowering your employees, contractors, customers, and partners to securely share access to your database.

Secure Highly Customizable Web-Based Asset Management

Our powerful and secure hosted solution means you’re up and running fast. From single-user solutions to multiple-users and roles, our software makes creating your own asset management tracking system easy.

Learn About How Our Complete Software & QR Tag Solution Saves You Time & Money

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Welcome to the GoCodes’ Online Asset & Inventory Tracking System—the complete easy-to-use solution that includes our customizable web-based software & patented QR code labels. Request a free trial or demo today and learn how GoCodes can help your organization effectively track and manage movable assets.

GPS Track & Manage Your Assets with Our Patented QR Barcodes & Cloud Software

Most organizations own thousands of dollars of valuable computers, equipment, tools, and electronic devices. These items are used by team-members, contractors, and sub-contractors to perform their duties every day. With the rapid pace of business, it can be difficult to keep track of that equipment and the employees who are responsible for it. Traditional solutions require proprietary hardware and software and are costly and difficult to use. Because of this, many organizations resort to manual tracking or don’t track at all. The result? Thousands of dollars are needlessly lost every year.

No Software to Install – We Use the Computers and Mobile Devices You Already Own

How can GoCodes help? The GoCodes Asset Management solution solves the asset and inventory management problem by providing a complete asset tagging solution that’s fast, easy to use, and works on the computers and mobile devices you already own. That means your entire team can continually track valuable company property by using our asset tags for your equipment.

Use Your Smartphone or Tablet as a Powerful Barcode Scanner

GoCodes cost significantly less than alternative systems. Why? Because there are no proprietary devices to purchase and no software to install and maintain. We also save our customers time and money by including professional-quality asset-management labels customized and preconfigured to work with our software.

Patented & Proven Loss Prevention & Recovery Technology

So what if an asset is lost or stolen? Our asset labels include a patented QR code asset label that can be scanned by anyone who finds them. Once the asset tag is scanned, the finder can view company/owner information, which can be used to facilitate the return of the asset.  Our asset inventory software also allows the finder to send a secure message to the company/owner with a GPS map of where the asset was found.

Comprehensive & Affordable Asset Management Solution

The GoCodes Asset Management system also provides all the standard features expected from asset tracking systems. These include rapid check in/out, detailed data tracking for identification, maintenance, warranties, product documentation and much more. Need something else? You can quickly add your own custom data to the asset tagging software so that it works for your individual business.

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